Advocacy Training


National Clinical Care Commission Act Support Letter

Becoming an Advocate in the Kidney Community doesn’t take a lot of work or mean that you have to be a Washington expert. Here at AAKP, we believe that the being the voice and being an advocate can come in many different forms.

Below are a few ways you can become an Advocate:

JOIN AAKP! Just by joining AAKP, you become a member of one of the largest kidney communities in the United States. We are the independent voice and by joining us, you become a part of our movement.

You can get active with AAKP on Social Media and become an Advocate in the Kidney Community.

Get educated on the disease from a personal, medical and public policy perspective. Education is key and knowledge is your power!

Want to join us when we visit Congress? We’d love to have you! Please click here to send us an email with your contact information, and we’ll let you know of upcoming opportunities to join us!

Donate to AAKP. Your donations go to education, advocacy, and being the independent voice of the kidney community. We fight the good fight on your behalf.

Keep checking back for more tips on how you can become an Advocate in the Kidney Community.