Check out AAKP Kidney Corner – a video update on what’s happening this week (Sept. 13, 2018)

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Hi there – This is Deb with AAKP with an update on what’s happening.

  • AAKP is thinking those along the east coast who are in the evacuation and state emergency zones. We encourage you to visit – this website has news and updates that are important to patients such as open pharmacies in impacted areas – so check it out before and after the storm hits your areas. Stay safe!
  • This week, AAKP’s Kidney Beginnings enewsletter came out – a link will be posted to our social media pages. If you want to receive this publication via email – just sign up member on our website .
  • This week is also Nephrology Nurses Week. We posted a great video on our social pages put together by ANNA American Nephrology Nurses Association.


And that’s just a quick run-down on what’s happening this week at AAKP – hope you have a great weekend and we will update you again next week!