The Independent Voice of Kidney Patients Since 1969™

As the oldest and largest, independent kidney patient organization in the U.S. – AAKP is dedicated to improving the lives and long-term outcomes of kidney patients through education, advocacy, patient engagement and the fostering of patient communities. AAKP fights for early disease detection and the appropriate diagnosis of rare/genetic conditions; increased kidney transplantation and pre-emptive transplantation; full patient choice of either in-center or home dialysis; protection of the patient/physician relationship; promotion of research and innovation including artificial implantable and wearable kidneys; and the elimination of barriers for patient access to available treatment options. At AAKP we….

  1. Educate: patients & caregivers on important issues so patients can better understand their condition and make informed decisions on their care options which align with their lives aspirations. AAKP is a recognized leader for patient-centered education – continually developing high quality, professionally written, edited and reviewed material.
  2. Advocate: for policies that improve treatment and extend life for kidney disease patients – always defending patient choice. AAKP has been the independent patient voice – advocating for improved access to high-quality healthcare through regulatory and legislative reform at the Federal level. The Association’s work has improved long-term outcomes in both quality of health and the ability for patients and family members affected by kidney diseases to lead a more productive and meaningful life.
  3. Define: “patient engagement” as a substantive tool to impact policy & health outcomes.
  4. Community: AAKP is leading the effort to bring kidney patients together to promote community, conversations and to seek out services that help maximize patients’ everyday lives.

An IRS registered, Sec. 501(C)(3) organization, AAKP is governed by a majority patient-led National Board of Directors. The current board is comprised of dialysis patients, chronic kidney disease patients, transplant recipients, healthcare professionals and members of the public concerned with kidney disease. The Board and membership are serviced by a professional staff under the direction of Diana Clynes, Executive Director.