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Maintaining Your Best Nutritional Status, an AAKP HealthLine Innovator Webinar, Wednesday October 6, 2021 1PM-2PM EDT - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW

AAKP HealthLine Coronavirus Webinars

  • Delta Virus, Vaccines, & Kidney Patients: Ongoing Threats to Weak Immune Systems and Kidney Transplants (Click to Watch Now)
  • Overcoming Financial Barriers to Living Donation (Click to Watch Now)
  • Get Ready, Stay Engaged – Smart Tips and New Tools Before and After Transplant, an AAKP HealthLine Innovator Webinar Sponsored by CareDx, Inc. (Click to Watch Now)
  • Path to Diagnosis: Understanding Genetic Testing. This webinar is made possible by an educational donation from Vertex Pharmaceuticals. (Click to Watch Now)
  • Understanding Secondary Hyperparathyroidism, its Treatment, and Possible Treatment Changes in 2021, an AAKP Medical Alert webinar sponsored by Amgen (Click to Watch Now)
  • Are You O-K+? The Importance of Potassium Management & Kidney Disease (Click to Watch Now)
  • Advances in Transplantation for Highly Sensitized Patients (Click to Watch Now)
  • Who is at Risk? Understanding the Connection between the APOL1 Gene and Kidney Disease. This webinar is made possible by an educational donation from Vertex Pharmaceuticals. (Click to Watch Now)
  • Coronavirus and Kidney Patient Update on Vaccinations and Mutation Strains: A CDC Expert Webinar hosted by AAKP (Click to Watch Now)
  • The Gout, Nutrition, and Kidney Health Connection (Click to Watch Now)
  • Kidney Patients and the COVID-19 Vaccine (Click to Watch Now)
  • Bringing Lupus Nephritis Out of the Shadows (Click to Watch Now)
  • COVID-19: Kidney Patient Planning for a Safe Holiday Season (Click to Watch Now)
  • Coronavirus and Kidney Patients Update  - A CDC Expert Webinar hosted by AAKP (Click to Watch Now)
  • Back to School: COVID-19 Considerations for Pediatric Kidney Patients & Kidney Patient Households (Click to Watch Now)
  • CORONAVIRUS & KIDNEY PATIENTS - A CDC Expert Webinar hosted by AAKP (Click to Watch Now)
  • CORONAVIRUS & TRANSPLANT PATIENTS: GET THE FACTS, SAVE A LIFE - Hosted by AAKP in partnership with American Society of Transplantation and American Society of Transplant Surgeons (Click to Watch Now)
  • Taking Care of Your Dialysis Access During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Click to Watch Now)
  • FIGHTING CORONAVIRUS UPSTREAM - What Early Stage Kidney Disease Patients Need to Know (Click to Watch Now)
  • Telemedicine Utilization in the COVID-19 Era: What Patients Should Know (Click to Watch Now)
  • VA Kidney Program's Response to COVID-19 (Click to Watch Now)
  • Mental Health Management During COVID-19: Staying Connected while Staying at Home (Click to Watch Now)
  • Nutrition & COVID-19: The Importance of Keeping it Kidney Friendly (Click to Watch Now)
  • Clinical Trials: Expanding Opportunities for All Kidney Patients in the Midst of COVID-19 and Beyond (Click to Watch Now)

Recent webinars include: Dialysis Transition, Thriving with Kidney Disease and Inspiring Others, Potassium Management, and Advancements in Post-Transplant Monitoring.

Webinar topics include: Fitness, Travel, Pediatrics, Nutrition, Employment, and much more.

About Healthline

The AAKP HealthLine is a webinar-based program (with the conference call option still available for those without a computer) that conveniently educates patients and their family members on a variety of important health care topics from the comfort of their home or office. HealthLine addresses many issues patients with kidney disease face such as diet/nutrition, mention/social/emotional health, medication management, renal replacement treatment options, co-morbid conditions kidney patients cope with such as hyperparathyroidism, bone disease, anemia, heart disease, and much more.

All webinar programs are one-hour long, feature two to three expert speakers and allow for question and answer session toward the end of each session. All HealthLine programs are recorded and archived on the AAKP website for continued patient education. More than 5,000 individuals have participated in a HealthLine webinar.

Healthline FAQ

How do I register?  Registering is easy!  Register online by clicking on the link for the upcoming webinar located at the top of this page.  If there is not an upcoming webinar listed, check back soon.  You can also register by calling the AAKP office at (800) 749-AAKP.  Registration is always FREE.

Who organizes AAKP's Healthline program?  All webinars are organized by AAKP and feature leading healthcare professionals, individuals with kidney disease, and family members of kidney patients. 

Can I ask questions during the webinar?  AAKP HealthLine is an interactive program. Participants can type in questions to be read aloud during the question and answer session.

Please contact AAKP at ekahle@aakp.org if you are interested in sponsoring a webinar.