Kidney Friendly Recipes

Get Inspired!

Our Delicious! program was created to support those affected by kidney disease, whether you’re a patient or family member, in your efforts to take charge of your health care through nutrition.

Let our recipes and information about nutrition and cooking inspire you.  Get ready to experience the joy of preparing and sharing kidney-friendly meals!

Our team at AAKP Delicious! have created easy and delicious recipes for individuals at all stages of kidney disease and with different dietary needs. Each recipe has a complete nutrient analysis and an indication as to what type of patient it is best suited for: CKD Non-Dialysis; Dialysis; Dialysis/Diabetes; Transplant.

AAKP’s recipes can be enjoyed not only by kidney patients, but also by friends and family members.  Each recipe can be easily modified to fit your diet plan; just ask your Renal Dietitian how.

Click here to find a renal dietitian near you! 

The AAKP Delicious Recipe Card Series

The fifth edition of the AAKP Delicious! Recipe Card Series features 36 kidney friendly recipes and is now available at our online store. AAKP Delicious! is a kidney-friendly recipe series created to help you cook healthy, delicious meals that fit your kidney diet. Get yours today!

Sample One of Our Delicious! Recipes

Download the recipe below and learn just how delicious eating healthy for your kidneys can be.

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