1. Diana Clynes - Executive Director

    Diana Clynes is the Executive Director for AAKP. She is responsible for implementing and executing the mission and national strategy for the Association. Mrs. Clynes initiates and manages the organization's funding contracts and maintains and develops existing and new relationships with industry, government and organizational partners. She represents AAKP on a variety of state and national renal-related committees, coalitions and workgroups. Diana works directly with the Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Committee to create program metrics and analyses to ensure mission, goals and objectives of the Association are being met/exceeded, are meaningful and create positive behavioral changes in constituents.

    Diana joined AAKP in 2005.

    Prior to joining AAKP, Diana conducted public relations, communications and marketing for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Outreach Coordination and Division of Marine Fisheries Offices as well as the Tampa Bay Port Authority. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations as well as a minor in Business.

  2. Valerie Gonzalez - Director of Office Operations

    Valerie Gonzalez is the Director of Office Operations for AAKP. She supervises all activities related to fulfillment of information requests, data entry and telephone inquires.

    Valerie joined AAKP in 2005.

    Valerie brings many years of office managerial skills to AAKP. Before joining AAKP, Valerie worked for Choice Medical Management Services as a Complex Care Services Specialist. She also served as Office Manager of Troya Engineering and Fabrication, Inc.

  3. Erin Kahle - Director of Stakeholder Operations, Center for Patient Engagement & Advocacy

    Erin Kahle joined AAKP in April 2017 as Director of Stakeholder Operations for AAKP’s Center for Patient Engagement & Advocacy. Erin’s primary responsibilities include establishing a national network of patient ambassadors and encouraging patients and family members to be engaged in various awareness, advocacy, and research opportunities like focus groups, Technical Evaluation Panels (TEPs), and public testimony before Federal agencies.Prior to joining AAKP, Erin worked at the National Kidney Foundation Home Office in New York City for 13 years in program development and advocacy. Erin also worked at a nonprofit organization in King, North Carolina with a focus on programs in early childhood education. Erin has a BA in Communication Studies and is working on her Master’s degree in Public Administration. She recently received her Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

  4. Deborah Pelaez - Manager of Marketing and Communications

    Deborah Pelaez joined AAKP in May 2017 as Manager of Marketing and Communications. Some of Deborah’s projects include aakpRENALIFE magazine, electronic newsletters, social media, website, graphic design and development activities.

    Originally from Bergen, New York, Deborah holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Journalism, Public Relations from West Virginia University. She has lived and worked in the Tampa Bay area since 1999. Her past experience includes managing marketing, communications and creative services for both corporate and local non-profits including the Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office (DACCO) and Ferman Motor Car Company

  5. Tangi Falber- Administrative Lead

    Tangi Falber joined the AAKP team in May 2015.  She is the Administrative Lead for AAKP’s front office and manages store orders, mailings and databases.

    Before starting at AAKP, Tangi was a stay-at-home mom for over seven years to her three children.  Over the years, she volunteered as PTA President, Girl Scouts Troop Leader and for the Patel Conservatory Parent Volunteer Committee.  Prior to that Tangi worked in Customer Service in the Insurance industry.

    Outside of work, Tangi enjoys taking her daughters to see Broadway shows and visiting theme parks with her family.
  6. Marie Mitchell- Administrative Assistant 

    Marie Mitchell joined the AAKP team in 2019 as a part-time Administrative Assistant.  She is excited to be working for a non-profit organization and to be helping patients.  She brings positive energy and enthusiasm to her work at AAKP. 

    Marie is originally from El Paso, Texas.  Before coming to AAKP, Marie worked for over 23 years as the Office Manager for USA Gold in Denver, Colorado.  She oversaw administrative duties at the office including accounts payable and receivable, as well as customer communications.

    Marie and her husband, Andre, recently moved to Tampa, Florida.  Marie loves to cook and eat healthy.  She also enjoys staying active by playing tennis, golf and fishing.  Marie has one daughter and is a proud grandmother of three grandchildren.