Action Center

AAKP Center for Patient Engagement and Advocacy

Welcome to Your Action Center!

Welcome to the fight to help kidney patients! Your vote and voice does count.  Kidney disease has many human costs – stress over treatment choice and access, loss of income, the struggle to stay employed and free from dependency on disability assistance, stress on family and loved ones and delayed dreams.  You play a vital role in shaping the future of kidney care.

Your Vote. Your Voice. Your Care Choice.

AAKP is here to help you make sure your VOTE counts and your VOICE is heard by elected and appointed leaders across America.  You can help shape policies that create more CARE CHOICES that will make a difference in your care and the care of those yet to be diagnosed with kidney disease.

Lawmakers want to hear directly from kidney patients.  Many of them are tired of hearing from lobbyists who claim they speak for you – but in reality have no patient experience, just special interests.  

With AAKP, YOU can educate leaders on how their decisions impact your life as a kidney patient, care partner, or living donor.