AAKP National Awards

AAKP's National Awards were presented at the virtual 2020 National Patient Meeting in September:

AAKP national awards were presented for extraordinary leadership and excellence in the fight against kidney diseases.  Awards are inspired by AAKP founders such as Shep Glazer, a kidney patient and former AAKP Board Member who dialyzed in front of the U.S. Congress 50 years ago to show that dialysis was a life-saving bridge to kidney transplantation and a return to the workforce.  His brave act helped facilitate the 1972 Congressional passage, and subsequent signing by former President Richard M. Nixon, of legislation that created the modern Medicare ESRD Coverage Program.  


The Peter Lundin, MD Award - awarded for a lifetime of devoted service to patients:

Barry Smith, MD, PhD


The Samuel J. Orenstein Award – awarded for extraordinary service:

Erin Kahle, MPA
AAKP Director of Stakeholder Operations


The Dominick Gentile, MD Memorial Award - awarded for ESRD Network Program Excellence:

IPRO ESRD Network of the South Atlantic


AAKP National Kidney Patient Support Group of the Year

Kindness for Kidneys International, Inc., Founder Sharron Rouse