Decade of the Kidney™

Decade of the Kidney™ is an AAKP initiated, ten-year national and international effort starting in 2020 designed to intensify the focus of policy-makers, researchers and the private sector on a broad, patient-focused agenda targeting kidney diseases, new care innovations and an aggressive expansion of patient care choice. 

An era has already begun, in which patients and the kidney community will witness profound transformations in kidney care – the least of which will be the evolution away from the status quo of kidney care as we know it and toward a future defined by patient choicetargeted therapies that inhibit kidney disease and prevent kidney failure, and greater access to donated organs and new devices, including implantable kidneys, that allow patients to continue the pursuit of their aspirations with minimal interruption.

AAKP has a distinguished history of impacting both national policy and legislation and the lives and health outcomes of kidney patients. Working together as patient advocates and as informed patients, our Founders helped create the modern dialysis program back in 1972 after years of executing an advocacy plan that combined strategy, thoughtful relationship building and a very deliberate effort to build and cultivate allies within the private sector, among scientific and academic researchers and across medical specialty organizations and healthcare professionals.


What is your role in this effort?  That is fairly simple:

Stay engaged with AAKP as a member – follow us on social media, engage with us in our webinars and attend our events online and in-person as you are able to.

Get more active as an advocate, contact your Congressional officials and tell them your support for greater care choice and more innovative care options that allow you the freedom to pursue your aspirations – including to work, own a home and to have a family.

Stay tuned – AAKP will be providing you with resources including graphics and social media links that will help you become an even more effective participant and enthusiastic spokesperson for the The Decade of the Kidney

We look forward to channeling your energy and enthusiasm in The Decade of the Kidney™ -
after all, the best way to ensure victory in the larger battle against kidney disease is to always think:  “If not us, who? If not now, when?”