Contact Congress

Patients have both the right and responsibility to make their voices heard…
Patients have both the right and responsibility to make their voices heard in Congress and elsewhere in government. Below we have provided a short sample letter that you can send to your two Senators and to your Congressman to let them know kidney disease and Federal programs for kidney patients are important to you. You may also customize this letter with personal information and your experiences.


Constituent concerns are most important to members of Congress– and this letter lets your members of Congress know what is important to you! The letter is also a great way to gain some experience in contacting Congress. You should receive at least a short acknowledgement letter from your Senators and Congressman.
AAKP would appreciate a copy of any letter you send to Congress. Please email your letters to


Dear [Senator or Congressman]:
I am writing to let you know that, as one of your constituents, I am a person with kidney disease. I live in [name town], and receive [type of dialysis] dialysis as treatment for end-stage renal disease. You should know that the programs of the Federal government, such as Medicare, that serve kidney patients are very important to me-actually are saving my life! I hope that when legislation affecting kidney patients comes before Congress, you will keep me in mind. Of course, if I could be helpful in providing you with more information about kidney disease, please let me know.


[Your Name]

In addition to this general letter, you can write to your members of Congress regarding time-sensitive issues; for example, when Congress is considering legislation that will affect kidney patients.