Social Media Awards

AAKP has a national award program designed to recognize the expanded power and impact social media, patient engagement and patient advocacy are having on public policy and health care delivery. Through these awards, AAKP plans to recognize and expand the number of key influencers working to inform all Americans about kidney disease, individuals and institutions advancing the health interests of kidney patients and patient leaders who mobilize fellow kidney patients to make an impact on future health outcomes. The awards are an initiative under the AAKP Center for Patient Engagement and Advocacy, a new center dedicated to providing online advocacy tools, social media training, certification for patient advocates and links to federal agency patient engagement opportunities.

The 2016 Social Media Award Winners are:


Kevin Fowler, a social media expert, an AAKP Board Member, and fellow kidney patient. Most recently, Kevin’s major successes include designing digital patient Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) programs and coordination of care strategies that achieved The Triple Aim: improved patient outcomes, creation of brand loyalty, and reduction of health care costs. Kevin has made a significant impact on the kidney community via Twitter where you can find him at @gratefull080504 


Jerome Bailey, proudly served AAKP for over 10 years as the Marketing and Communications Director where he was responsible for the Association's marketing and communications efforts. Jerome was the Managing Editor of aakpRENALIFE magazine, the publisher of the Association’s educational brochures, and coordinator of AAKP’s website material and media events. Jerome also assisted with the planning of AAKP programs and events including the Annual Patient Meeting, the Medal of Excellence Award Program, Kidney Beginnings: Live, and AAKP HealthLine. His dedication and contributions helped raise awareness for AAKP and kidney disease.

The 2015 Award Winners:


James Myers, ( is an AAKP Member and polycystic kidney disease (PKD) patient who was the very first person to be chosen for any of the new AAKP awards. He was awarded the Social Media Education and Advocacy Award in the category of patient advocate. Mr. Myers has been a blogger for 10 years, sharing his story and using social media to digitally engage audiences by sharing insights and experiences he hopes will help foster a digital community which supports kidney patients, families and the healthcare professionals who care for them. He has been actively involved with petition drives through aimed at increasing national awareness of kidney disease. Although Mr. Meyers could not attend the AAKP National Patient Conference, his remarks can be found at[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]