National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day

March is National Kidney MONTH & march 14 is world kidney day!

March is the month when Americans and the U.S. Congress are asked to focus on kidney disease, a condition that impacts nearly 40 million people, with an additional 700,000 suffering from kidney failure. The American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP), the oldest and largest fully independent, patient-led kidney patient organization in the U.S., is raising its voice against a silent killer throughout the month of March.

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AAKP continues to expand our programs and efforts to fight kidney diseases. Learn about them below and pick one (or more) to support that most speaks to you! We are grateful for your support.

AAKP Action Center

AAKP is on top on current and emerging legislation and policy issues that impact patient care and choice! Our Action Center makes it easy for you to stay informed and know when & how to contact your representatives.

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AAKP Raise Your Voice Campaign

Join the thousands of patients making a difference on social media every day. Don’t just follow….like, share, and comment! One click can make a difference.

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Patient Voice Patient Choice

The AAKP Patient Voice, Patient Choice™ initiative mobilizes those impacted by kidney diseases by engaging them in ways that are most effective in elevating their voice in the policy and payment decisions that impact the access to new diagnostics, drugs, and devices that can improve and save their lives.

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Decade of the Kidney

Between 2020 and 2030, kidney patients will witness the accelerating evolution away from the tired status quo of bricks and mortar dialysis as we know it and toward a future defined by patient choice; targeted therapies that inhibit kidney disease and prevent kidney failure; and greater access to donated organs and new devices.

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AAKP Veterans Health Initiative

The AAKP Veterans Health Initiative (VHI) is designed to advance research, innovation, and policies aimed at safeguarding the highest standards in kidney care and treatment for veterans managing kidney disease both inside and outside the VA medical system.

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AAKP Intergalactic™

For the future, in the Decade of the Kidney, AAKP is encouraging even greater contributions from every sector of our society and every discipline where kidney patients will witness the accelerating evolution away from the tired status quo of brick and mortar dialysis as we know it and toward a future, which includes continued support of space medicine initiatives to support the understanding and treatments of kidney diseases...that is AAKP Intergalactic™!

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AAKP National & International Ambassadors

AAKP’s Center for Patient Engagement and Advocacy is dedicated to engaging, training, certifying, and deploying kidney patients in ways that are the most effective at elevating the patient voice. Interested? Learn more!

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AAKP HealthLine

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