Ashley Martin

AAKP Ambassador

Ashley is a caregiver advocate. She is currently studying at The University of Cincinnati. After a recent change in majors she is now studying Biological sciences with a concentration in Biomedicine and a minor in Chemistry. In addition to a Pre-Med fast track. She hopes to go on to become a pediatric transplant surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She has been a caregiver for her mom since she 7 years old. She has also been attending AAKP’s National Patient Meeting since she was 8.

In her downtime, she enjoys shadowing Dr. Gregory Tiao (Pediatric transplant surgeon and Chief of General Surgery) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She also enjoys participating in a club at The University of Cincinnati called CRU and spending time with her boyfriend Miguel and her dog Bailey. Notable achievements include invited member by the FDA to the 1st Kidney Health Initiative meeting, panelist on Amgen-sponsored webinar for the American Association of Kidney Patients, invited advocate by the American Kidney Fund to Advocacy on the Hill, RenaLife contributor, and AAKP Ambassador.