Maile Robb

AAKP Ambassador

Maile has been on hemodialysis since 1995. As a dialysis patient, she takes a very active role in her care that includes keeping up with new treatment alternatives, communicating with health care professionals, and taking part in medical awareness events.

Maile and her husband are Self Care Certified through her local dialysis center. Also of significant importance to Maile is her active role in participating with ESRD related organizations and committees, including Network 15, National Coordinating Center (NCC), CMS Dialysis Facility Compare Workgroup, and as Founder of the Reno Kidney Support Group, a non-profit that offers information to patients and their family members about kidney failure.

As a long term ESRD patient, she has an impassioned investment to improving the lives of fellow dialysis patients through knowledge, education, projects and programs.