Scott Burton

AAKP Ambassador

Born with a posterior urethral valve blockage that damaged his kidneys, with doctors not expecting him to live 2 days, Scott spent his childhood in and out of the hospital waiting for the day when dialysis would be required.

He first went on peritoneal dialysis at the age of 12, waiting 4 years for his first kidney transplant. Countless episodes of rejection and finally losing his transplant 4 years later in January 2003. Scott has spent the last 15 years on in-center hemodialysis and on the list for a second transplant, but due to being highly sensitized, he is a very difficult match. 

Scott has juggled day to day life around dialysis, going back to school full time in 2006 and getting a bachelor’s degree in media studies – film/video production from UNCG in 2010, self-publishing a book of poetry – telling his own medical struggles through poetry and prose.

Having lived this from day one, he most recently set out to turn what many would consider a negative into a positive by launching The Forever is Tomorrow Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness, educating and building a resource for both the public and patients and their loved ones through multiple web video series & local events.