Clinical Trials


AAKP's role in Clinical Trials and Market Research

AAKP supports innovation in the kidney space. We are actively involved in market research - to share the patient voice and experience with renal companies and clinical trials  - to create more and better treatment options for kidney patients, so they can achieve their aspirations.

You may have heard the term “clinical trials” but wonder what that means. Is a clinical trial something you can participate in? What do you need to do to get started? We have pulled together some information that you might find helpful as you decide whether you would like to participate in a clinical trial.

Clinical Trials and Market Research Opportunities

Below is a list of the Clinical Trials and Market Research opportunities that AAKP is partnering to raise awareness of:



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Dialysis Facility Compare Focus Group Opportunity (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)

AAKP is looking for in-center hemodialysis patients to participate in focus groups to share how they made the decision to select a dialysis provider. Focus group locations include Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO; and Santa Fe, NM.


Do you have diabetic kidney disease? Learn more about a clinical trial currently enrolling that is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a therapy that aims to restore your kidney function and delay or avoid dialysis or a kidney transplant. To find out more or to see if you qualify to participate, visit

Bristol-Myers Squibb Study

Do you struggle to manage FSGS or Minimal Change Disease? If so, you might be eligible to enroll in a new clinical trial. Visit

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