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Why is Being a Dialysis Technician Important to Me?

AAKP is celebrating National Dialysis Technician Recognition Week October 12 – 17, 2020. This year, we asked National Association of Nephrology Technicians/Technologists to ask technicians why being a dialysis technician is important to them.

"Being a Dialysis Technician means so much to me than just putting a person on a machine. It gives me a good feeling that I’m in some way giving that person a chance to live and go on with their life. When you see that person 3 times a week they grow on you and become like family. We as care givers are to them their doctor, social worker, dietitian and sometimes a person to talk with. Now that I’m in a position that takes me away from the clinic floor I still feel that I make a difference with taking care of their access. I do what I do to say the access which Is that person’s life line. For this I’m proud to been a technician for as long as I have. I do in services now to help further my fellow technicians the education they need to do their job."

-Charles Torres CHT, Territory Manager, Azura Vascular Care

"Being a dialysis technician is important to me because as a technician, I am a member of the treatment care team. It is my responsibility to provide optimal care at every treatment. Professional development never ends. It is my responsibility to keep abreast of the latest technologies and therapies in the dialysis field. Providing patient education is part of the dialysis treatment. Patient education empowers and inspires the patient. This will lead to better compliancy and enable the patient to be the most important member on the team to achieve treatment goals."

-Brenda Rickards, CCHT-A, F-NKF, Medical Instrument Technician, Dorn VA Medical Center

"To ensure that all systems meet manufactures specifications, our corporate policies and AAMI Standards. This will allow our patients to have safe and adequate dialysis treatments is a welcoming and friendly environment."

-William Macias CHT, Biomedical Applications Manager, Satellite Healthcare

"Being a Clinical Nephrology Technician is important to me because of the impact I can have on the lives of my patients.  Recently, my patient who came from another state for a transplant came back and say, “Thank you for such great dialysis care”. I was so shocked, and we just hugged and hugged each other. She is 7 months transplanted. I would call while she was the hospital and check on her and pray for her. I am glad to see my patients doing well."

-Clarica Douglas Ajayi, CHT, Fresenius Medical Care NA

"I can honestly say throughout my twenty one years as being a Dialysis Technician, I have learned so much about myself both professionally and personally. Not only is being a Dialysis Technician my job , it’s my profession. This profession has allowed me explore many opportunities to advance in my career, build my legacy for my children and grandchildren, expand my  net worth through networking, build my resume , create new strategies for my work environment, share my experiences with other like minded Dialysis Technicians both near and far, experienced and individuals just starting into the career. The ability establish a career path for myself and in hopes to help others. The advancement of technology within the Nephrology Profession and what it has to offer to Dialysis Technicians makes someone like myself wear my title with honor. Last but certainly not least, the enjoyment of being in the presence of our patients and to hear their stories of their past. Their perspective of the care they receive."

-Dwelyn Williams, CCHT Fresenius Kidney Care, Arcadia/Fist Assist Sales Associate 

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