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Book Review: Howl Inspires Mr. YNOTT

Review Written By: James Myers, AAKP BOD/Ambassador Book Written By: Brenda E. Cortez With The YNOTT FoundationIllustrations & Cover : Dindo Contentowww.nico11publishing.com

This is another great children's book about our friend Howl the Owl (Help Others With Love) and this time he's helping out a true Kidney Hero, Edward "YNOTT" Drake, of The YNOTT? FOUNDATION.
Howl is looking forward to high school football camp. He loves the school, but even more than that, he wants to see his favorite player, Mr. YNOTT. Mr YNOTT misses the first day of camp, and on the second day tells Howl that his college football career might be in jeopardy due to his illness. Mr. YNOTT is understandably concerned, but Howl convinces him he can handle this. Mr. YNOTT says, "YNOTT me!" 
Howl makes a homemade card to make Mr. YNOTT feel better, and this inspires Mr. YNOTT to do great things with his life. We learn that Mr. YNOTT "lost his dream, but found his purpose!" In the end, Howl and Edward start a community support group to help others going through similar circumstances.
Brenda Cortez has written yet another brilliant children's book that is both entertaining and uplifting . The unique thing about her books is that the two I have read are based on real people with real illnesses. This book is no exception.
Edward YNOTT Drake runs the YNOTT Foundation, dedicated to children with Kidney Disease. Edward did a webinar last year on Pediatric Kidney Patients with the American Association of Kidney Patients (click to watch the webinar). He told us his story. I recall him saying, "I lost my dream, but found my purpose." 
This book is an example of Edward's dedication to children with Kidney Disease. The fact that parents reading this book to their children can tell Edward's story of overcoming great adversity to help others is worth much more than the cost of the book.
As always, the book is brilliantly illustrated, and the pictures alone will hold your child's attention. It is well-written for children, and easy for them to read.
Her emphasis on the need for organ transplant, heart disease and kidney disease in a child's book is special. The true value of Brenda's books are raising awareness in children the value of helping others that have illnesses and are less fortunate. I recommend this book for children without reservations. It is another uplifting book to share with your child. 
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