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Book Review: Howl Learns About Kidneys and Dialysis

Book Review by James Myers, AAKP BOD and Ambassador
Howl Learns About Kidneys and Dialysis
The Organ Donation Series
Book 3
by Brenda E. Cortez, Illustrated by Dindo Contento

ISBN: 978-0999360149
Published by Nico 11 Publishing & Design

This book is part of an ongoing series of books where young Howl the Owl (Help Others With Love) learns about kidney dialysis. A book for children, Howl visits the dialysis lab with his Grandpa Bob. In simple language, with brilliant illustrations, Howl learns what it is like to have Chronic Kidney Disease, to be on the Kidney Wait List and receiving a kidney transplant.

Subtle discussions include weighing in (dry weight), fistulas, dialysis machine operations, blood pressure checks, even the post-dialysis fade. The nurse and the technician explain everything to Howl in digestible terms for a young child. Even the search for a kidney donor and social media are explained in simple, understandable terms.

These topics are positively written with joy and the love a child will readily accept. That is the brilliance of this book! Concepts are communicated with great affection for children, a difficult task at best. Even Organ/Kidney Advocacy is touched on in this book! It is clearly designed for a parent/caretaker to read to a child without raising anxiety, but to encourage acceptance. Even Grandpa Bob's Kidney Transplant and Donor Remembrance Ceremonies are discussed with grace. The illustrations in this book are among the best I have ever seen in a children's book.

There is even a glossary in the book for clarification purposes.

The coolest thing about the book is that it is a true story, with photos of all the real characters and the author involved in the story.

This is an incredible children's book! A great explanation of all kidney issues in a short, beautiful book! 5 stars! I happily recommend this book and remember that part of proceeds from the book sales support Donate Life America. Don't hesitate to buy this book!


*The opinions expressed above are those of the reviewer not necessarily AAKP.