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June is PTSD Awareness Month (posted June 4, 2018)

Written by: Kent Bressler, AAKP BOD and Ambassador, served in the United States Army

June as PTSD Awareness Month and June 27 as National PTSD Awareness Day.

I want you to meet Sarge, he has the answer to questions about military service and PTSD. Regardless of age or service time, if you feel you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD take advantage of Sarge’s sage advice and get help, it is never too late.

WATCH SARGE’S VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/VeteransMTC/videos/1654547547964565/

There are organizations and resources that can help both individuals and professionals discover ways to identify and manage PTSD symptoms. 

For more information, visit http://www.apa.org/topics/ptsd/ptsd-awareness.aspx